Newsletter August 2020

Well this year to date has certainly been a year of challenges and change for the parish, our community, our country and our world.
This past week we have given thanks for the life of Alistair Parke with his passing on the 19th July.

Alistair and Judith have contributed so much to the work and ministry of the parish and will be missed in the many aspects of parish life. In particular Alistair has served as a very dedicated vestry secretary who was meticulous in his paper management. We may need to build another office to store his many files and records of parish life. He faithfully supported Judith in the management of the Parish Op Shop where they developed many friendships with the
volunteers. Judith and Alistair were always first to put their hand up to assist when catering was needed.
Alistair’s prior role as Diocesan Manager was certainly an asset to the parish.
Vestry has lost three very committed and dedicated members over the last eight months and Alistair along with Philip Meyer and John Allen will be sorely missed.
Currently we are seeking a volunteer Vestry Secretary for the parish. If you or someone who you think may be interested I would really appreciate hearing from you.
Our readings have reminded us that God cares for us and we constantly have God’s presence with us and within us.
We have travelled through some challenging and difficult times of late and it is particularly important for us to take the time to just be in God’s presence. It is from doing this that we gain the strength and confidence to respond to God’s call, recognising that the ability and the courage to perform these tasks to which we are called comes from God, not from within ourselves.
We are very grateful to the many very generous people of Pukekohe. They have enabled us to firstly provide 907 pairs of winter pyjamas to the children who were identified by their school as potentially having their life enhanced by receiving a new pair of pyjamas. Our area has a high number of children admitted to Middlemore Hospital each winter with chest infections. Warmer homes and pyjamas can help to reduce this number. The number of pairs requested was about a 30% increase on previous years. This increase is at least in part due to the Covid situation and the current employment situation.
The stories I hear daily, from those presenting to us with any of a range of situations, are very moving. Most have never needed to ask for help in the past and in fact many have been the givers. This is a big challenge for them and they find it embarrassing. The recipients are extremely grateful and many ask if there are tasks they can do for us. The main requests are for food and items of clothing, especially children who grow out of their clothes so quickly. At this time we have provided 287 food parcels each valued at between $115 to $130 per pack, depending on the size of the family. The total cash value is in excess of $36 000. All of this has been covered by the generosity of Bombay/Pokeno, Tuakau and districts and Pukekohe Parish, Pukekohe Rotary, Wilcox produce, Bromley Park eggs, New World, and Pukekohe Community Action. Often there are other essential requirements such as baby formula and nappies. Many parcels are to help where a parent has lost a job, where there are medical issues, or breakdown of relationships, especially during the lockdown period.
Contract workers who were unable to work during lockdown are now finding that the current weather situation is preventing them from working and hence there is no income as they cannot work.
A huge thank you to all who have enabled us to respond to the needs of people as God has called us to.
Thank you and
blessings to all

From the Vestry
Synod Representative
We urgently need to appoint a second Synod representative. We would really appreciate an offer or a suggestion of a suitable parishioner. Synod runs from Thursday evening until Saturday afternoon and this year it will be held in South Auckland. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the church and to have some input into the decisions of the church. For further information talk with Jan Wallace or Vicky Mee.

Memorial to John Allen
A puriri tree has been planted on the Queen St side of the vicarage garden in memory of our sustainability field worker, vestry member and Synod representative. A new seat has been placed in the garden in his memory.

Processional Cross
You may have noticed that the processional cross has been missing from the church for some time. This is because it was broken and is being replaced with a replica of the cross on the wall behind the altar.

Automatic Payments
There are automatic payment forms ready for completion on the table at the back of church if people would like to
contribute to the life and work of the Parish by Automatic Payments or deposit into ANZ Bank Account No. 06 0405 0012157 00
For Envelope Giving ~ you can join the envelope system, contact our Parish recorder Keith Gardner – Ph. 238-9928 Many thanks, Vestry

Unfortunate situation
We are sorry but there has been a rapid increase in the number of cars that are parked on the church premises for long periods of time. Often the cars are parked in front of the church or in the carpark between the church and the
Nora Brown hall. This creates problems for us in keeping this area for people attending services or on-site events. Many of those attending events are young parents and babies or older members of the community. It is not good
for or safe for these people to get any more wet than they need to and the potential to slip over is increased. We have reluctantly decided to install signs stating: NO CASUAL PARKING

We regret the need to do this but with our rapidly increasing population the situation has become unmanageable.
Please note that this does not mean that you cannot park on the premises if you are needing to go to the doctors or the pharmacy. We also do not have a problem with older members of our community parking but we do appreciate
people parking behind the Reid Anderson Hall and certainly not in access ways or in front of the church. Friday afternoon and some Monday afternoons are the only times when we do not have a regular event happening on the

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the very successful garage sale last weekend. It is the best total we have had from the garage sale with a profit of around $4071.10
White Elephant $2363.90
Books $560.90
Toys $213.00
Op Shop $828.30
Other $105.10


August Readings
August 2
First: Genesis 32:22 — 31
Matthew 14:13 — 21
August 9
First: Genesis 37:1 — 4, 12 — 28
Gospel: Matthew 14:22 — 33
August 16
First: Genesis 45:1 — 15
Gospel: Matthew 15: (10 — 20), 21 — 28
August 23
First: Exodus 1:8 — 2:10
Gospel: Matthew 16:13 — 20
August 30
First: Exodus 3:1 — 15
Gospel: Matthew 16:21 — 28

Senior Services

Please be aware that we have a short Eucharist service on the first Sunday of each month at 11.15 am for those who are unable to join our 8am and 9.30am services. It may be that you or someone that you know may find that the church is too cold or that the hour long services are too long or the time too early. You are welcome to join this service in the Nora Brown Chapel at 11.15 am. Anyone is welcome.
Mid week, rest home and hospital services
Tuesday August 4: 10.30 am Palms Rest Home
Wednesday August 5: 10am Mothers’ Union
Thursday August 6: 10.30am Franklin Village
Tuesday August 11: 11am Palms Hospital
Wednesday August 12: 10.30am Lakeside
Thursday August 20: 10.30am Women’s Fellowship
Tuesday August 25: 11am Possum Bourne Village
Tuesday August 31: 11am Possum Bourne Village
Please let Jan know if you are able to join her and assist at any of these rest home or hospital services on a regular basis.

Archer Henry Brailsford son of Samuel and Erica
Lola Jane Dunstan daughter of Colin and Kimberly
Hudson Clarke Slee son of Jared and Michelle
Margot Elle Slee daughter of Callum and Alicia

10 February Stephen Danes
2 June Philip Anthony Meyer
2 June Moira Jean Golding
18 July Melva Joy Holmes
27 June Isobel Clare Castle
3 July Nigel Paul Hicks
24 July Alistair Gordon Parke

A defibrillator is in the process of being installed by the office door. This has been donated by the Pukekohe Rotary Club and is most appreciated, especial with the number of people using the premises.

Health and Safety Policy
A copy of the Parish Health and Safety Policy along with the processes required for the implementation of the policy is currently available on the shelf at the back of the church, published on our website or available from the parish office.
An evacuation plan is in each area for the church and complex.
Reid Anderson Hall: Assembly area is the car park adjoining the hall unless the location of the emergency situation is on the south wall preventing evacuation on that side of the building. In this case the assembly area is on the road frontage in front of the church.
Nora Brown Hall: Assembly area is on the road frontage in front of the church or on the vicarage lawn depending on the location of the emergency situation.
Other rooms in the complex: Assembly area move to the vicarage lawn.

St Andrew’s Church: Assembly area is on the road frontage at the front of the church.

St Paul’s Church: Assembly area is on the road frontage at the front of the church.
First aid kits and accident reporting sheets are located :
1. Reid Anderson – In the cupboard over the small hand basin, by the back door in the kitchen.
2. Nora Brown – on the shelf above the microwave. Record sheets are next to the microwave.
3. Parish office – 2nd to top shelf on left side in the back room. The office is locked when unattended.
Forms are to be completed as soon as the accident has been dealt with.
Treatment including resources that are used are to be recorded on the sheet.

Vicar: The Rev’d Jan Wallace 238-7723 Home 238-7228 Office 0274-521-366 Mob Email.
Wardens Pauline Brown 021-1823703 Glenis Kerr 238-5136
Synod Reps Vicky Mee
Vestry members Jocelyn Brodie, Renton Brown, Richard Gibbons, Helen Halliwell, Julie Perelini, Philip Watson, Karen Stevens (Treasurer)
Buckland Reps Jim Moore, Vicky Mee
Parish Ministry Team
Vestry Wardens Pauline Brown and Glenis Kerr
Family Gael Crimmins Communications Cecily Daroux
Community Vicky Mee Sustainability Pauline Brown
Worship Jan Wallace, Glenis Kerr, David Walker, Irene Brodie
Pastoral Care Jan Wallace, Merlene Walker
Treasurer Karen Stevens
Central Vestry Trust Board Treasurer Ros Phillips
Parish Recorder Keith Gardner (Parish Envelope Scheme)
Parish Office Louise Le Fleming
Office Hours Monday to Friday | 9.30am ~ 12.30pm
Address 43 Queen St, PO Box 338, Pukekohe
Phone 09-238-7228
Email address
Op Shop 9am ~ 12 noon on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

Community Programmes at Pukekohe Anglican Church

Space – For you and baby. For the first year of baby’s life. Several groups are run each week to keep the age range of the babies within about 3 months.

Oasis – Music & Coffee group. A natural progression from Space for preschool children. Mon & Fri 9.15am

Selwyn – For the older members of the community. A hot lunch is available for a small charge. Transport can also be arranged. Tuesday 9.30am.

St Andrew’s Seniors fellowship group – For older members of the community – exercise, morning tea and cards. 9.15 am Thursdays.

Seasons – An after-school group held at 4pm on Thursdays for children who have experienced a significant loss
or grief in their lives. An adult programme runs at various times. Phone 0274521366 for information.

Regular Sunday Worship Times
St Andrew’s
Each Sunday 8am & 9.30am Holy Communion
1st Sunday 11.15am Holy Communion (Nora Brown Hall)

St Paul’s Buckland
2nd & 4th Sundays 11.15am Holy Communion

Volunteers are needed in many aspects of the Parish. In particular we are looking for helpers in the Op Shop and as a volunteer in the children’s weekly groups.

Mothers’ Union 5th August 10am
Women’s Fellowship 20th August 10am: Service in church at 10am followed by social outing to a local café for
morning tea and fellowship. Come along and get to know some more parishioners. All welcome.
Simple parish breakfast 31st August 8.45am: Time for our 8am and 9.30 congregations to come together.

Offers of help with these events please speak to Jan.

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