Newsletter June 2021

Over the past two Sundays we have celebrated Ascension Day and the day of Pentecost. The Season of Easter has come to an end. This week we celebrate Trinity Sunday and the constant presence of God as Creator, Redeemer and Giver of life or Father, Son and Holy Spirit constantly with us.
Often we refer to God by other names, especially in our prayer life. This can help us to see God as being bigger than our limited vision of God in the human form. God is much bigger and to me God is a mystery — beyond what we can ever imagine but real and within the world throughout time. It is through God that we have our source of life in all forms. It can be helpful to use different terms for the ways in which we experience God. God of love, God of all creation, Sanctifier. The words and attributes we use in naming God is limited only by our language.
God as redeemer, who came into the world in bodily form, yet different from any other human, who taught the people of his time how to love, serve and care for others by showing and offering us forgiveness and challenging us to forgive others and to forgive ourselves. Remember that commandment to love others as God forgives us.
The need for us to provide this care is increasing as we are facing the important issue of Global Warming. Our world is being reshaped in response to the changes happening in so many ways.
This is really summed up in the new commandment given to us by God: “A new commandment I give you, that you love one another: Just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13: 34-35)
On the day of our celebration of the Holy Spirit, Pentecost Sunday, I mentioned that to be effective as an individual and as a church, we need four ingredients necessary to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the world.
The first is power. Jesus, in his final instructions to his disciples, told them to wait in Jerusalem “until you are clothed with power from on high”. (Luke 24:49)
That power would be the Holy Spirit at work in their lives. When the Holy Spirit is experienced, people walk with courage and confidence.
The second ingredient in taking the Gospel of Christ to the world is purpose. There is no power without a great purpose calling us to accomplish great things.
That purpose comes from a shared vision, from our working as a team together towards a common goal.
On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit gave the disciples the vision and the power to reach out into the world with the love of Christ. The Holy Spirit is given to enlarge our vision to go and do ministry, outside our church walls, to find those who need the healing and hope and truth of the Kingdom of God.
That is our purpose, our reason for being. It is a vision given to us by Christ.
A church called by the Holy Spirit to take the Gospel of Christ to the world has power, it has purpose — and it has God’s presence.
That is who we are today. We are not alone. God is with us. God has not left us comfortless, or powerless, or without purpose.
We have that power, purpose and vision and thank you for your part in helping us to share this in our homes, neighbourhood, church and community and, as and where we are able, with the world.
The first Sunday in June is Te Pouhere Sunday, the day on which we celebrate our life as a three Tikanga church. Our church is the Anglican Church of the Province of New Zealand — Tikanga Māori, Tikanga Pasifika and Tikanga Pākehā as defined in our church’s constitution.
Blessings to you all

If not, would you like to be? Or would you like to discus what confirmation is about so you can give some thought to this? If so please talk with Jan

If so please add your name to the list in the church foyer.
(this event is dependent on people volunteering.)

Saturday May 22
Pauline Brown and Vicky Mee joined Sustainability Champions from ministry units throughout the Diocese (from Whangārei to Tairua and everywhere in between) to learn more about the Zero Waste movement. The connection between our faith and our vulnerable world was set in a series of reflections at the start of the day by members of the Third Order of the Society of St Francis.
There were two workshops on being a Zero Waste Church. The first was led by A Rocha New Zealand (see who are forming an Eco Church movement across all denominations together with Paul Murray of Para Kore. Para Kore (see delivers education and training on marae, schools and churches and enthuses everyone to change behaviour and reduce plastic and recycling as part of the work towards a circular economy where waste in eliminated.
The first workshop set the scene of the amount of rubbish we were all getting rid of and the fact that New Zealand is in the top 10 of waste producers in the world per capita. We were then guided through the options of gardening, reducing, sharing, helping, borrowing, repairing, reusing, recycling, composting, learning, listening, rethinking, respecting, reflecting, regifting, renewing, consuming consciously, upcycling and worm-farming to make a regenerative environment free of waste. The Raglan Xtreme Zero Waste community Resource Recovery Centre was featured as what every community should be aiming for. Some great stories from ministry units came out about projects they had started.
The second workshop was hands-on! A waste audit! Hands into the rubbish bags of several churches who had brought them along. Under the guidance of Paul Murray (an energetic and inspiring facilitator) the rubbish was sorted through into different tubs according to whether the items could be composted, fed to animals or recycled etc. We saw in front of us a demonstration that 75% of what was going to landfill could be dealt with in a sustainable way.
We, as Pukekohe parish, are on a sustainability journey and this day highlighted some further steps we can take. It would be good to consider joining the Eco Church movement and looking to Pare Kore for resources.
A very worthwhile day!

Peace Memorial
The remanants of the Peace Memorial arch have now been removed. One piece has been put into the garden in front of the vicarage.
Unfortunately, the work on the replacement arch is on hold. We are still planning to have a dedication of the arch on Sunday November 14, being the Sunday after Armistice Day. Our plan is to begin with a confirmation service about 3pm, moving on to the dedication of the arch which we are hoping will be completed, before moving on to the Town Hall for dinner and dance with the Off Broadway Big Band and auction.
The auction is the launching of our fundraising for the restoration of St Andrew’s Church so it will comply with required building standards. A feasability study and considerable investigation has already taken place with engineers, architects, to meet historical requirements.
The photinia hedge alongside the Wesley St driveway was dying and has now been removed. This is to be replaced with a wooden fence and the letter boxes which were knocked down late last year will be replaced and incorporated into the fence.
Entrance to Reid Anderson Hall
There has been an uneven step into the office and people using mobility aids or pushing baby buggies have had to use the side door for easy access to the Reid Anderson Hall. Daniel Kircher has done a great job in modifying the entrance to these buildings and I would strongly recommend his work to anyone needing any concrete work done. Thank you Daniel. We are now adjusting to the new level and people with mobility issues now, rightly, have access through the front door.
We have been fortunate to catch up on some social events over the past month. It has been some time now since we have been able to plan with confidence for social events. During the school holidays we had a pizza and games event for parents and younger members of the parish. This was a great evening even though we were all confined to the Parish Lounge, with the main hall surrounded by all the goods for the parish Garage Sale.
A couple of weeks later we joined for a soup lunch and games event after church. It is good to gather together to enjoy the company of those who sit in church with us but we don’t know in person.
Earlier in the year we had a new parishioners’ dinner.

It is great to make the most of the fine weather and our wonderful facilities, both indoor and outdoor. We are so fortunate with what those who have gone before us have left for us and for the wonderful people today who maintain the property for our enjoyment.
We were privileged to have the Handel Quire & Consort share a wonderful concert on Sunday May 23.
On Sunday May 30 we had the Southwell School Choir lead us in a 1662 Choral Evensong at 6pm.

On Saturday June 26 the Franklin Community Choir will present a concert of Sea Songs.
A further planned Handel Quire concert is planned for a Sunday early in August. This date is yet to be confirmed.

Sunday Worship Times
St Andrew’s
Each Sunday 8am & 9.30am Holy Communion
1st Sunday 11.15am Holy Communion (Nora Brown Hall)
St Paul’s Buckland
2nd & 4th Sundays 11.15am Holy Communion
Sunday Readings for June 2021
June 6
First reading: Isaiah 42: 10-20
Gospel: Luke 6: 46-49
June 13
First: 1 Samuel 15:34-16:13
Gospel: Mark 4:26-34
June 20
First: 1 Samuel 17: (la, 4-11, 19-23), 32-49
Gospel: Mark 4:35-41
June 27
First: 2 Samuel 5:1-5, 9-10
Gospel: Mark 5:21-43
Rest Home and Hospital Services, June
Thursday 3, 10.30am: Franklin Village
Sunday 6, 11.15am: Nora Brown
Tuesday 1, 10.30am: Palms rest home
Tuesday 8, 11am: Palms Hospital
Wednesday 9, 10.30am: Lakeside
Tuesday 22, 11am: Possum Bourne Village
Tuesday 29, 11am: Possum Bourne Village

Franklin Community Choir presents
Conductor: Jonathan Dunlop, accompanist: Michael Bell, soprano soloist: Ellis Carrington.
2pm Saturday June 26, St Andrew’s Pukekohe
Franklin Community Choir presents a concert of songs inspired by the sea and rivers — including works from 16th century England, 19th century sea shanties and other nautical stories. Joined by soprano Ellis Carrington and accompanied by Michael Bell.

Health and Safety Policy
A copy of the Parish Health and Safety Policy, along with the processes required for the implementation of the policy, is available on the shelf at the back of the church, published on our website or available from the parish office.
An evacuation plan is in each area for the church and complex. Reid Anderson Hall: Assembly area is the car park behind the hall unless the location of the emergency situation is on the south wall preventing evacuation on that side of the building. In this case the assembly area is by the road in front of the church.
Nora Brown Hall: Assembly area is by the road in front of the church or on the vicarage lawn depending on the location of the emergency situation.
Other rooms in the complex: Assembly area move to the vicarage lawn.
St Andrew’s Church: Assembly area is by the road at the front of the church.
St Paul’s Church: Assembly area is by the road at the front of the church.
First aid kits and accident reporting sheets are located:
1. Reid Anderson — In the cupboard over the small hand basin, by the back door in the kitchen.
2. Nora Brown — on the shelf above the microwave. Record sheets are next to the microwave.
3. Parish office — 2nd to top shelf on left side in the back room. The office is locked when unattended.
Forms are to be completed as soon as the accident has been dealt with.
Treatment including resources that are used are to be recorded on the sheet.

Vicar: The Rev’d Jan Wallace 238-7228 Office
Email. jan .wa llace@xt
238-7723 Home
0274-521-366 Mob
Chairperson Jan Wallace
Treasurer and acting Vestry secretary Karen Stevens
Wardens Pauline Brown 021-1823703 Glenis Kerr 238 5136
Synod Reps Vicky Mee
Vestry members Jocelyn Brodie, Renton Brown, Richard Gibbons, Helen Halliwell, Julie Perelini, Philip Watson
Buckland Reps Jim Moore, Vicky Mee
Parish Ministry Team
Vestry Wardens Pauline Brown and Glenis Kerr
Family Gael Crimmins Communications Cecily Daroux Community Vicky Mee Sustainability Pauline Brown Worship Rev Jan Wallace, Glenis Kerr, Rev David Walker, Rev Merlene Walker, Judith Parke, Rev Irene Brodie, Rev Tricia Carter, Rev John Carter
Pastoral Care Rev Jan Wallace, Rev Merlene Walker
Treasurer Karen Stevens
Central Vestry Trust Board Treasurer Ros Phillips
Parish Recorder Keith Gardner (Parish Envelope Scheme)
Parish Administrator Judith Tucker
Office Hours Monday to Thursday 9am ~ 2pm
Address 31-37 Queen St, PO Box 338, Pukekohe
Phone 09-238-7228
Email address pukekoheanglicanchurch@xt
Op Shop 9am ~ 12 noon on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

Community Programmes at Pukekohe Anglican Church
Space — For you and baby for the first year of baby’s life. Several groups are run each week to keep the age range of the babies within about 3 months. Term time only.
The Selwyn Foundation — For the older members of the community. A hot lunch is available for a small charge. Transport can also be arranged. Tuesday 9.30am.
St Andrew’s Senior Fellowship Group — For older members of the community — exercise, morning tea and cards. 9.15am Thursdays.
Seasons — An after-school group held at 4pm on Thursdays for children who have experienced a significant loss or grief in their lives. An adult programme runs at various times. Phone 027 452 1366 for information.
Oasis — Music & Coffee group. A natural progression from Space for preschool children. Mon & Fri 9.15am — 11am, term time only

Worship on Sundays — 8am and 9.30am, worship at St Andrew’s; 2nd and 4th Sunday St Paul’s Buckland 11.15am; 1st Sunday Seniors Service St Andrew’s (Nora Brown Hall) 11.15am
Sunday May 30 — Southwell School Evensong 6pm
Sunday June 20 — Light Breakfast between services (dependent on volunteers — watch the weekly bulletin for further information).
Saturday June 26 — Franklin Community Choir 3pm
Beginning of August Handel Quire & Consort
November 14 — Confirmation Service, hopefully dedication of Peace Memorial Arch, Big Band dinner and launch of fundraising appeal. Do consider if confirmation is for you.

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