Newsletter April 2021

Alleluia! Christ is Risen

He is Risen Indeed


By the time you read this it will be Easter – but for me, as I begin writing this Messenger, it is a couple of days. At this stage it is looking good for us to gather in person to celebrate this special season in the church calendar.  I am sure no one needs reminding of the lockdown last year.

Holy Week and Christ’s journey to Easter Day certainly bring all our emotions together as we share again events surrounding the triumphant celebration of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, the thanksgiving of his last meal with his disciples, his trial and cruel death through to the wonderful celebration of Christ’s resurrection on Easter Day.

The people had gathered in anticipation of a new king who would be different to the harshness of rule they were experiencing at the time.

So many of the issues that Jesus was confronting and condemning are still with us today, even here in New Zealand. There appears to be an increase in the reporting of issues around racism, discrimination, and injustice in our country and in the world in which we live – God’s world.

Easter is the traditional time for Baptism, but nowadays that sacrament is offered throughout the year.

Following Christ, which we are all called to do, means trying to walk in his footsteps and that means being willing to oppose injustice and wrongdoing.

Through the season of Lent we may have listened with doubt and anticipation. We imagine the early church gathering, trying to figure out how to be a part of the movement of God. We ponder how we are to be a part of the movement of God. Easter comes, again and again, offering us a chance to ask these questions and discover the answers that unfold like blooms. How then do we live? How then do we die? Eastertide is remembered in the way we spent the previous Easter, and I am sure you will remember how the world paused to care for one another through the health crisis of Covid-19. We were constantly being reminded to “be kind”.

“How then do we live?” We are called to live as the Body of Christ, offering ripples of love, kindness, care, and support to those who need God’s love the most. And we all need God’s love. When we live in this way we don’t need to be reminded to be kind.

I am so grateful for the number of people in our church who do reach out and show the love of God to others.  Especially those who are dealing with challenges in their lives.

Thank you for the interest that has been shown in the developments around the complex.   The food store is now in place and we were updated on the arch and the restoration of St Andrew’s Church.

Easter Blessings to you all.



Sunday Worship Times

St Andrew’s

Each Sunday         8am & 9.30am   Holy Communion

1st Sunday             11.15am              Holy Communion (Nora Brown Hall)

St Paul’s Buckland 

 2nd & 4th Sundays  11.15am            Holy Communion

Sunday Readings for April 2021

  First reading Gospel
4th Acts 10:34-43 John 20:1-18
11th Acts 4:32–35 John 20:19-31
18th Acts 3:12-19 Luke 24:36b-48
25th Acts 4:5-12 John 10:11-18


Rest homes and hospital services for April

Thursday   1st 10.30am Franklin Village
Sunday 4th 11.15am Nora Brown
Tuesday  6th 10.30am Palms rest home
Tuesday 13th 11am Palms Hospital
Wednesday 14th 10.30am Lakeside
Tuesday 21st   11am Possum Bourne Village
Tuesday 28th 11am Possum Bourne Village



We hope to have both our indoor and outdoor displays available for you to spend quiet time in these spaces reflecting on the last days of Jesus’ life. Open 9 – 5pm from 20th March to 11th April.


Southwell School ~ Hamilton

Sunday, 30th May, 6pm

40-strong Chapel choir return to St Andrew’s Pukekohe for a traditional ‘1662 Evensong’ service




Memorial organ recital featuring organist Michael Bell


Please watch for further notice in the weekly service sheet

A plaque in memory of John will be blessed at the beginning of the service




  • First Concert Sun 23rd May
  • Second Concert – August (TBC)
  • Third Concert- 31st October


Many aspects of church life would be enhanced by some more volunteers.   Training is provided where needed.

Please also suggest other areas of need that you identify.

These include assistance with:

Welcoming people as they arrive at church.

Prayer chain co-ordination and prayers.

Sides people                                        Op Shop

Church cleaning                                  Food store

Readers                                               Grounds maintenance

Leaders of intercessions                     Morning tea roster

Lawn mowing                                       Odd jobs

Flower arranging                                  Garage sale co-ordination

Fair co-ordination                                 General tidiness of complex

Visiting                                                 Assisting at Selwyn


There is a copy of this list in the foyer. Please indicate your willingness to be involved or email me please.

Help also needed with volunteering with Pukekohe Community Action programmes – Seasons (supporting people who have grief and loss), working with mums and babies or our preschool group.   Training is provided and for some roles there are external training programmes.



A copy of the Parish Health and Safety Policy, along with the processes required for the implementation of the policy, is available on the shelf at the back of the church, published on our website or available from the parish office.

An evacuation plan is in each area for the church and complex.

Reid Anderson Hall:  Assembly area is the car park behind the hall unless the location of the emergency situation is on the south wall preventing evacuation on that side of the building.  In this case the assembly area is by the road in front of the church.

Nora Brown Hall:  Assembly area is by the road in front of the church or on the vicarage lawn depending on the location of the emergency situation.

Other rooms in the complex:  Assembly area move to the vicarage lawn.

St Andrew’s Church:  Assembly area is by the road at the front of the church.

St Paul’s Church:  Assembly area is by the road at the front of the church.

First aid kits and accident reporting sheets are located:

  1. Reid Anderson – In the cupboard over the small hand basin, by the back door in the kitchen.
  2. Nora Brown – on the shelf above the microwave. Record sheets are next to the microwave.
  3. Parish office – 2nd to top shelf on left side in the back room. The office is locked when unattended.

Forms are to be completed as soon as the accident has been dealt with.

Treatment, including resources that are used, is to be recorded on the sheet.


Vicar:              The Rev’d Jan Wallace            238-7723   Home

238-7228   Office                     0274-521-366   Mob



Chairperson                                                           Jan Wallace

Treasurer and acting Vestry secretary                Karen Stevens

Wardens         Pauline Brown 021-1823703      Glenis Kerr 238-5136

Synod Reps    Vicky Mee                                                

Vestry members  Jocelyn Brodie, Renton Brown, Richard Gibbons, Helen Halliwell, Julie Perelini, Philip Watson

Buckland Reps    Jim Moore, Vicky Mee

Parish Ministry Team

Vestry Wardens   Pauline Brown and Glenis Kerr       

Family Gael Crimmins     Communications Cecily Daroux

Community Vicky Mee   Sustainability Pauline Brown

Worship Rev Jan Wallace,  Glenis Kerr,  Rev David Walker, Rev Merlene Walker, Judith Parke, Rev Irene Brodie, Rev Tricia Carter, Rev John Carter     

Pastoral Care   Rev Jan Wallace, Rev Merlene Walker


Treasurer           Karen Stevens                       

Central Vestry Trust Board Treasurer Ros Phillips

Parish Recorder   Keith Gardner (Parish Envelope Scheme)

Parish Administrator    Leonie Menzies

Office Hours                 Monday to Friday  |  9.30am ~ 12.30pm

Address             31 – 37 Queen St, PO Box 338, Pukekohe

Phone                09-238-7228

Email address

Op Shop            9am ~ 12 noon on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays


Community Programmes

at Pukekohe Anglican Church

The Selwyn Foundation

For the older members of the community

A hot lunch is available for a small charge.

Transport can also be arranged.

Tuesday 9.30am

Space for you and baby

For the first year of baby’s life

A number of groups are run each week to keep the age range of the babies within about 3 months.

Term time only.


St Andrew’s Seniors fellowship group
For older members of the community – exercise, morning tea and cards.  9.15am Thursdays
Oasis music & Coffee group

A natural progression from Space for preschool children

Mon & Fri 9.15am ~11am

Term time only


An after-school group held at 4pm on Thursdays for children who have experienced a significant loss

or grief in their lives. An adult programme runs at various times. Phone 0274521366 for information



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